A Race Where the Fun Does Not Stop at the Finish Line

Better deal than buying only the Wine Festival! 

Get a:

*Running Shirt

*A Race and finisher’s medal

*Museum Entry

*Wine Festival!


A unique event set in the splendor of the Catskills, The Vintage Run Half Marathon in October combines the glory of the Fall foliage of the Hudson Valley with wine and good cheer, promoting exercise, local tourism, and camaraderie.

Held in conjunction with the Annual Wine Festival at Bethel Woods, but you can opt out of it if you want and choose the Designated Driver option.

The run appeals to all running and walking enthusiasts. This brings a diverse group of people together to run or walk the course before enjoying the festival and its collection of wineries, crafts and vendors.

In addition to the Wine Festival, Bethel Woods offers a complimentary entry to the museum. A $15 entry!

Oh, and tie dye! and also you get a charm!! Guaranteed to first 300.

Sign up and enjoy the history, beauty and revelry of The Vintage Run.

Unique, handmade, beautiful!


MYRIAM LOOR   845-866-1345, myriamloor@hvc.rr.com