Ann Marie

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort at making the race such a fun and amazing experience! I had a great time as I do every year.  I’ve never participated in a race where the organizer has been so invested, supportive, inspirational, and communicative.  You are such an incredibly special person who makes every participant feel just as special.  Your enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. I speak on behalf of all the participants when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Hope you get some well-deserved rest now 🙂

With much appreciation.

John and Diana

Dear Myriam,

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event. My wife and myself really enjoyed it. I am an alum of the concert and my wife was born in the Catskills. You really put a lot of specialized work into that production. If you ever do promote this event again bill it as NY State’s toughest Half/5K.

Yours in Running and Fitness


Would like to thank you for organizing a great half marathon!


Just wanted to say thank you for another great race day!!! Hope that you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.


Hi thanks for a great race!!!!  Did someone say this was the last one?

Do you know what the elevations or some such information on the mountains we ran over and over? 🙂

I’m trying to figure out how really hard this was versus just really hard 🙂


I just wanted to say thank you for hosting a great run this morning. I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again next year!


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this race!  It is so well organized.  Thank you for the beautiful shirts and “medals”. The scenery, despite those hills 😊, was spectacular.

Thank you for a very enjoyable experience.  Look forward to next year!


Thank you for working so hard on making all the shirts!


My husband and I did the 5K. It’s the first race we ever did. This is the beginning of a new journey! Thank you for organizing this race


We all very much appreciate all the hard work you put in to run an excellent half marathon.

I would be OK if you decide not to tie-dye the shirts to make things easier and more enjoyable for you.

Hope to see you at your March run.

All the best!!!


A really really awesome local race. But that shouldn’t stop people traveling to run it. I run many 13.1 a year. And this and CLHM are without doubt the hardest. Get one (or both) of these done and every other race will seem easy. Thanks Myriam.


Great job and thank you for all your hard work!!! Personally, I do not need any more tshirts and I actually gave mine away, so in the future if you add an option for no tshirt that might save you some time 🙂

Kevin – Extremely well organized race. Frequent water and Gatorade stops. The GU was also helpful. Lunch by Outback, tickets to wine tasting and museum were added benefits….Overall great venue.

Amy- You did an awesome job! Very well organized, love the water and Gatorade stops every 2 miles, and tickets to the museum and wine festival, win-win!!! Plus I love my shirt! Thank you for all you do!

Allie – It was a well organized, beautiful race! Thank you again!

Michelle – I would just like to let you know that I had an amazing time at your run.  I have done many 5k’s and I was so impressed by how well run and organized your event was.  It was one of the best value for money races that I have ever ran.

Thank You for all your hard work that I know went into running this event from you and all of your volunteers.

Susan – Such a nice day!! Great race! Challenging! Thank you so much for putting it on!

Priya – Thank you! Thanks so much for putting this race on – it was a blast!

Melissa – Hi Myriam, Thanks for all your hard work on the race! We enjoyed being there.


Jen – I already have at least 2 more friends who plan to join next year! You did a wonderful jobs and the shirts are beautiful! We would love to help. Thanks for a wonderful day!

Karen – Yes I did have an awesome time, Myriam! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this race!

Jude – 😊 I had a great time. Thank you for all your hard work!

Sue – Miriam, We enjoyed the scenery very much. While running I kept thinking, “This is a hell of a workout!” I now feel well trained and prepared for the Runner’s World Festival in Bethlehem,  PA, in two weeks. 5K and 10K on Saturday and 13.1 on Sunday. For that I thank you for those hills, I think. The burger and pasta was perfect after the race. I was hungry and very grateful for more than a bagel and banana. See you in March.

Cathy – Thank you! As someone very new to running, I especially hated the hills, but had a great time. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Thanks for  all the work you put into it. Oh, and the shirts are awesome!

Kim – Thank you for a great experience!

Julie – Dear Myriam,

THANK YOU for putting on this FUN and UNIQUE event!!! I kept thinking back on the beautiful course and sense of accomplishment I felt when I finished. And while I wasn’t in shape for a half this year, I came back to run the 5k. It was just as beautiful as I remembered, and the hills? Yeah, they were there, too, but that’s part of the charm of this race. Anyone can run “flat and fast,” but the hills make you feel like you’ve really earned it! All of your attention to detail and personal touches do not go unnoticed. Thank you for the time and effort you put into making this a memorable event. You’ll be on my race calendar for 2018, and who knows? Maybe I’ll do the half again!!

Here’s to Peace, Running, and Wine!!!

Mary – Thanks, Myriam! It was a tough but awesome race! Beautiful course and great weather and great volunteers and athletes- and the wine didn’t hurt either:)

Hope to come back to race again!

Juanita – I love you to the moon Alice

Bob – Two last things, the awards were very different from usual medals, which I really liked.  Also, I wanted to show my fellow runners in Long Island/Queens those impressive hills, but I did not see any hill pictures from the 5K.  Are there any?

Thanks again

K – It was a great race though despite the hills, thank you so much!

Tara – I ran my first race ever today at Bethel Woods at 45 years old and had a fabulous time! You all did great with the set up and the shirts and I love my wine charm.

Let me know when you know the date for next year and we will make sure we mark it on our calendar.

Ricardo – It was fun!

Mary – It was beautiful.  I had a great time!  Thank you!

Walter – Great day it was, anyway, had a dream……….As a member of the 50statesmarathonclub, I dreamt that there is a marathon in Bethel, Ny.starting at the original site of the Woodstock Music festival, with an old hippie time allowance of say 8 hours, the course perhaps an out and back, running down to Monticello area and back or point to point, but then the dream gets elusive, as I found myself approaching mile 10 of the half. Ugghh.

Oh man!  What about the finish line at the top of the grassy field.  Richie Havens would love it!!  All those runners from everywhere.

P – Thank you again for a wonderful race yesterday.

Martha – Thank you for all your work putting this together. I will be looking forward to seeing you next year.

Kristen – Thank you, Miriam. It was an awesome time & am awesome race!! You outdid yourself, as usual.

Love running your races 😉

Nate – Thank you for a great race day, Myriam!   I enjoyed the scenic course. This was the first race course that reminded me of The Shire, where the Hobbits live! This, of course, includes all those hills. 😉

I love the shirt, and wear it with pride!

My best to you, and all the volunteers

Heidi – Thank you for another awesome race! After looking at the results, I realized that my boyfriend, Justin Pendyke, won his age group. As this was his first 5k, it would mean so much to him if he could have his prize. It was my fault that we missed the awards because I wanted to get my sweatshirt out of the car, so I was wondering if it would be possible for me to send you the postage so that you could send him his prize. If not, I understand; I know that it is not typical to mail out awards. Thanks!

Heather – I just have to say a few things. This was very organized, the shirts were nice, most of the volunteers were friendly, the food was good, the price was great. I look forward to doing this every year now! Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing this great event!

Christina- This was a hard course but you guys were amazing with the emails ! Never had this kind of race response before thank you so much! I will be there next year

Carla – Awesome!

Gary – Thank you Miriam.  It was nice seeing you as well.  I had a really good time.  Thanks  for a great job in directing the event!

Lisa – It was fun!

Bob — You did a great job today as Race Director.  My wife, Nora, and I  really enjoyed the morning 5K run and walk.  It certainly contributed to the great time we are having so far in the Catskill Area this weekend.

Craig – Thanks Myriam. Nice job on the race!  I had a great time

Taryn – I love the medals!

Kevin – Although I was a bit nervous about the delayed start of the run—simply because this summer has had a ton of hot and humid days…this was an awesome run…It was a great place to conduct a run amid some of the most glorious countryside that I have ever run across…or up, or down, or up again….when I got home, I was selling my wife on the event for next year…SIGN ME UP.

Also, special note…the local police staff were great to have around…they were patient and understanding—at the end of the run, I was speaking to one of the officers, and he stated that it is very rare lately for him to feel so appreciated, but on Saturday, he said that many, many of our running peers said thank you for being out here.  We runners appreciate good road support!

Thanks for a great event! Bravo!! I will see you next year!—and my bride is coming too! (for the wine).

Chery – It was a great day and look forward to next year’s race. I thought the course was great and nice challenge. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this race on.

Susan – The race was wonderful, beautiful course!  Thank you!

Shannon – Thanks for all your hard work!

Valerie – Excellent race – I love the course (sooo beautiful!) and the wine afterward! Yummy! Anyone can run a “flat” half anywhere, anytime… so keep it hilly, keep it tough, keep it painful – the reward is wine with friends at the finish. Love the “medals” so unique! This is a very special race.

See you in March!

Toni -We really enjoyed ourselves! Hope to do it again next year!

Todd – I just want to say thank you for putting on an awesome race! It was challenging and fun at the same time. I have paid 85 bucks for huge races in Rochester and have not got the same service, drinks portions with Gatorade and water every 2 miles that I did with this race!  Thanks again and I hope you plan for a 2nd annual race next year! Plus the bonus wine ticket and museum was a great extra treat!!

Peace and much love ❤️

No complaints here with me and my buddy Brad. He had a PR!! So the course was not bad at all for him. LOL. I LOVED IT!!!

Danielle– Thank you!  What a delightful, easy going, stress free half!  I would do it again – maybe train on a few hills first!  Thank you thank you for a great day!

Doug -Dear Myriam,

The race was fantastic. I can’t imagine the logistics of putting all of that together!  We were all pretty lucky with perfect running weather.

Thanks for letting some of us who may not be racing to start early. It made the rest of the day much more enjoyable.

My only comment is that it might be a good idea to have some sort of identification for early starters, or provide the runners with a map of the course. The staff on the road was great, but they didn’t recognize early starters, and I didn’t know the course, and ended up running three extra miles before realizing I was repeating more course than I should have.

Thanks again for all your effort in putting the day together. It’s much appreciated!

David -Thanks for putting on a great race.  I would say it was fun – but those hills!   So I’ll leave it as “fulfilling”.  It was my first 1/2 marathon – so does count as a PR for me and I’m signed up for your March race which hopefully will be a little more flat.  I’ll just say you and the team did a great job from start to finish.  Water / refueling stations were great, start / finish was well organized, the course was well sign-posted and there were plenty of spectators to cheer us on.  So – thank you – I know a lot of effort goes into organizing these.  Great race!

Carol – Yes, we enjoyed it! Among the group of us that ran together, we must have said dozens of times how beautiful it was. Yes, it was hilly, but the scenery easily neutralized that.

You do an amazing job!

See you in March:)

Colleen -I will admit I was not as prepared for the hills as I probably should have been although I was solid until mile 10 lol, (that’s what happens when you register at 11pm the night before, without training) but I will be back for those hills next year :)….I am so glad I decided last minute to join the fun and do this race, the volunteers were amazing and all the runners/walkers were so kind and supportive on the course. The fact that I started at 9:30 was the MOST amazing part. I was able to get out there and get into my pace without the worries or pressures of having to go too fast and starting with a small group was fun we chatted for a bit for the first few miles and gave huge fives at the finish…all in all a GREAT experience and one I wouldn’t change or won’t forget. (Finishing with some of the faster runners was pretty cool too!) Thanks for a great day all around!!

Cathy – Keep the course from being boring!! Don’t change a thing!  Except maybe more fall foliage near peak!

I like being able to say I’ve just done a most challenging half-marathon–other than Pikes Peak Ascent!

And it serves as a good training run for Rock The Ridge!

See you at Celebrate Life.

Tom – This was a fun race with just the right mix of beautiful scenery and nice rolling hills. With only 1,700 feet of cumulative elevation change this was perfect. Don’t change a thing and I hope there will be a repeat.

Nicole – Thank you so much for organizing the race. It was such a fun day! I personally enjoyed the course, it was challenging but fun.   I also couldn’t believe how much was included in the price of the race! A t-shirt, free lunch, admission to the museum and wine festival. Amazing! I’m used to running NYC races where you get next to nothing.

Can’t wait for next year. My family and I will definitely be back.

Thanks again!

Shana – Thank you so much for a wonderful race, Myriam Loor! Geoff Vincent and I had a lot of fun! The hills were insanely challenging for me, but the scenery was unparalleled! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your quick communication! Can’t wait for us to come back here and meet for some wine! xoxo 

Darleen – As much as I cursed the hills, the sense of accomplishment finishing the course supersedes the agony. We all truly enjoyed the whole day-I will try to make any race where you are the race director! Many thanks to you and the volunteers!

Angela – I thought the race was great…despite the hills. My friend and I were talking about what a great deal it was, for everything that was included.

Cathy K – We enjoy this race- pretty course- yes killer hills but gorgeous and the reward of wine to follow! Thank u for putting it on again- my husband and I have come to both, just for the 5k- we r not big runners but love a 5k in nice spot or with a fun theme- this has both, and first weekend in oct is our anniversary so we celebrate with some wine and running- thank you!

Michael – Thank you Myriam.  The race, the wine tasting, and the museum visit were lots of fun!  I told my friends that the course is a mother, but the festivities after make it all worth it!  Wish I left more time to go through the museum.  I need another two hours there!

PattyGreat race today! Thanks Myriam. Looking forward to next year already. Okay, not my feet and legs so much, but the rest of me! 🏃

Julie – Hey, Myriam super race!! Thanks, hope to see you soon.